Travis County MUD 10

Description of Travis County MUD #10 Facilities

The District operates and maintains numerous water and wastewater facilities including a water plant, wastewater plant, wastewater lift stations, and infrastructure. Following is a description of these facilities.

The District obtains all of its water from surface water from Lake Travis. Two 500-gpm pumps located on a barge on Lake Travis pump the raw water from the lake through a transmission line to the plant. The plant can treat approximately 504,000 gallons per day. The plant will be expanded to an ultimate capacity of 720,000 gallons per day when the community reaches 250 active connections. The water system is capable of providing 1,500 gallons per minute for fire flow purposes, which meets the local emergency services district requirements. The District also has procedures in place to protect the system during prolonged periods of freezing weather.

The District’s wastewater is treated at a 60,000 gallon per day wastewater treatment plant. All wastewater treated at this plant is discharged through a drip irrigation system onto a 600,000 square foot site surrounding the plant. The ultimate permitted capacity of the plant is 86,400 gallons per day.

The District operates three wastewater lift stations. Lift Station No. 1 is a 20-gpm lift station located on Kingfisher Ridge Drive, and it serves Sections 1 and 2. It pumps wastewater through approximately 7,000 linear feet of 4″ force main to the wastewater treatment plant. Lift Station No. 2 is an 83-gpm lift station located on Ivean Pearson just north of the Waterstone condominium site. It serves the condominiums and future Section 5, and pumps wastewater through approximately 3,000 linear feet of 4″ force main to the wastewater treatment plant. Lift Station No. 3 is an 83-gpm lift station located on Silver Maple Drive, and it serves Section 4A and future Section 4B. It pumps wastewater through approximately 2,000 liner feet of 4” force main to the wastewater treatment plant.

In 2013 the District created a Capital Improvements Plan to manage the maintenance of their facilities and equipment updates. Various projects have been conducted each year since then.

There are approximately 24,650 linear feet of waterline and 28,200 linear feet of wastewater lines in operation today. They serve 200 lots in Sections 1, 2, 3, 4A, and 6, and the 71-unit Waterstone condominiums. Additionally, there are four water quality ponds serving the Waterstone condominiums that the District will maintain jointly with the Waterstone POA.

Updated May 29, 2020