August 14, 2023

Dear Customer,

Travis County MUD No.10 has moved to Stage III – Severe Drought of its Drought Contingency Plan (DCP)

The Central Texas area is experiencing a severe drought, and combined with extreme high temperatures, it continues to cause Texas lake levels to decline, including Lake Travis. The District purchases raw water from LCRA via a contract and draws water out of Lake Travis to treat and produce potable drinking water for its residents. Such purchases are subject to LCRA’s Drought Contingency Plan (DCP) as well as the DCP of Travis County MUD No.10. Click here to view the District’s DCP.

The combined storage for Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan has fallen below 900,000 acre-feet and the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) has instructed customers to implement this next stage to help reduce water consumption.

What does this mean to you?

  • Yard irrigation is only allowed once per week.
  • The monthly household water allowance has been decreased as shown below in the chart. If usage exceeds the allowance, rates for the excess water usage will be multiplied by 200% of normal rates for residential use and 400% of normal rates for all common areas.

Please make sure your irrigation system controllers are properly programmed to the authorized day for watering. Ensure your irrigation systems are working properly and repair any broken sprinkler heads or lines quickly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the District’s office at 512.402.1990.


The Travis County MUD No.10 Board of Directors

Customer Letter Drought Stage 3 – 08-14-2023

Welcome to the Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 10 website.

Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 10 (TCMUD 10) created on May 17, 1989 is empowered to purchase, operate and maintain all facilities, plants and improvements necessary to provide water, sanitary sewer service and storm sewer drainage to the residents of TCMUD 10.

TCMUD 10 contains approximately 600 acres located in Travis County, Texas on Lake Travis, approximately 26 miles northwest of the central business district of Austin and approximately 5 miles south of Lohmans Ford Road and FM 1431 intersection and 5 miles south of Lago Vista. The District lies within the Lago Vista Independent School District.

Click here to learn more about TCMUD 10

Latest News and Updates

3001, 2023

inclement weather including possible ice and temperatures below freezing.

January 30, 2023|Emergency Prep|

The weather forecast for our area calls for inclement weather including possible ice and temperatures below freezing. The cold front is expected to continue through Wednesday afternoon, February 1.

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