Stage II Drought Conditions

TC MUD 10 Stage II Customer Letter Oct 2022

The extended drought has caused the combined storage lake levels in Lake Buchanan and Lake Travis to drop below 1.1 million acre-feet. The lower combined storage lake level triggers Stage II of the District’s Drought Contingency Plan (DCP).

Under the Stage II DCP, District residents have a monthly* watering allocation. Single-family homes are allotted 30,000 gallons of water per month, while those in the condominiums are allotted 20,000 gallons per month. (Please see the chart below.) *Monthly is calculated based on monthly billing cycles, not calendar months.

Monthly usage at or below the monthly allowance will be billed at normal rates. However, if monthly usage exceeds the allowance, the excess water usage will be charged a penalty of 150% of normal rates, so be careful to avoid the higher rates.

A copy of the TC MUD 10 DCP can be found in the documents section of this site.

monthly water allowance for TC MUD 10

Single-Family homes have electronic water meters and homeowners can set up an account with EyeOnWater to track their water usage and set up leak alerts. Click here or visit the Documents tab of this website for instructions of how to set up your EyeOnWater account.

The District appreciates your cooperation in conserving this precious resource.

Welcome to the Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 10 website.

Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 10 (TCMUD 10) created on May 17, 1989 is empowered to purchase, operate and maintain all facilities, plants and improvements necessary to provide water, sanitary sewer service and storm sewer drainage to the residents of TCMUD 10.

TCMUD 10 contains approximately 600 acres located in Travis County, Texas on Lake Travis, approximately 26 miles northwest of the central business district of Austin and approximately 5 miles south of Lohmans Ford Road and FM 1431 intersection and 5 miles south of Lago Vista. The District lies within the Lago Vista Independent School District.

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