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As you may be aware, the wastewater system in Travis County MUD #10 is a state of the art, low pressure wastewater (sewer) system which operates on pressure from individual grinder pumps at each home. Wastewater is pushed through the wastewater mains by the grinder pumps to the treatment plant and, once treated the effluent is irrigated on to designated land. The system works very well and the treated effluent is near “drinking water” in quality.

We do need your help. If items which are made of plastic, rubber, syringes, plastic bottles, hygiene products, diapers, or other substantial materials, other than toilet paper, are flushed into the wastewater system; your system could stop up causing a back-up into your home, your grinder pump may be damaged; and if enough of these materials enter the system, the wastewater plant could be affected. Please only flush personal waste and toilet paper down your toilets to keep our system working properly.

The operating policy for Travis County MUD #10 provides that the homeowner will maintain the wastewater (sewer) system in their home and associated piping until it enters the grinder pump tank ( outside your home). The District will maintain the tank, controls, grinder pump, and the pressurized piping leading to the street and onward to the wastewater treatment plant; but repairs due to flushing inappropriate items into the grinder pump system or physical damage to the system will be a homeowner expense, which is easily avoided by not flushing these items which will be caught in the grinder pump tank and pump at your home.

Your cooperation will help to insure the proper operation of our wastewater system and will reduce costs to all of us. If you do experience a wastewater (sewer) problem with your grinder pump (red light on); immediately stop using the wastewater system and call the District office at (512) 402-1990.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

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