Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-07-15T00:24:29-05:00
Why is my water pressure low?2021-06-21T10:04:51-05:00

This is usually caused by the homeowner’s PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) going bad. When they go bad, they can start reducing water pressure and sometimes will stop water flow completely. The homeowner will need to call a plumber to replace the valve.

Why does my water look cloudy or milky?2021-06-25T22:13:46-05:00

Air forced into the distribution system creates the pressure needed to move water through the pipes. This can result in air bubbles that make tap water appear cloudy or milky. This usually happens after the water has been temporarily shut off. Continue to run the water until the cloudy (air) disappears.

What is IRIS?2021-06-25T22:15:35-05:00

IRIS stands for Immediate Response Information System and is a free, no cost communication tool the District uses to inform customers of any potential water related issues such as a water outage or boil water notice. It is also used to communicate repairs being made around the area that could affect the water. It is important to register and keep your contacts up to date so you don’t miss important information.

What is a MUD?2021-06-25T22:17:51-05:00

A Municipal Utility District, or MUD, is a political subdivision authorized by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, (TCEQ), to provide water, sewage, drainage and other services within the MUD’s boundaries. The Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 10 focuses on supplying water and treating wastewater. MUDs are tax-collecting entities with a Board of Directors made up of residents, elected by residents.

Why is my bill the same two months in a row?2021-06-25T22:19:28-05:00

While the water meter records every gallon used, you are only billed in increments of 1,000 gallons. When the meter is read, the meter reader reads only in thousands. If you use within the 1,000-gallon range of water each month your bill will be the same.

What does the minus sign mean on my bill?2021-06-25T22:21:27-05:00

A minus sign indicates that you have a credit balance, and you do not need to make a payment.

Example: if you bill shows $26.36 you do not need to make a payment.

Why is my bill so high?2021-06-25T22:27:55-05:00

Your bill is based off how much water passes through your meter. The meter is read generally every 30 days. Some causes for high bills are: size of home or yard, pool use, irrigation leak, size of household, intermittent running toilets, possible leak.

If you live in a single family home, your meter is electronic, so you can sign up for EyeOnWater (EOW).


Why do I have a past due balance on my bill?2021-06-25T22:29:23-05:00

Payment was not received and posted to your account prior to your new bill being mailed out. If you have made a payment that is not reflected on your bill you may check your account online or call the office to verify that it was received.

How do I get my deposit refunded?2021-06-25T22:29:59-05:00

Deposits are applied to any outstanding balance on the account, any remaining amount will be mailed to the forwarding address that was provided when customer called to cancel service.

What does it cost to sign up for Electronic Bill Payment?2021-06-25T22:31:04-05:00

There is a 5% convenience fee to pay online using your credit or debit card, or a $1.00 fee to pay via ACH (entering in your routing and account number).

Where is my customer shut off valve?2021-06-25T22:37:17-05:00

Most customer shut off valves are located in the front of the home, near the street. There are usually two separate customer shut off valves, one for you and one for your next door neighbor. Look the for District’s meter box (but do not try to open it). Once you see the District’s meter box, your customer shut off valve will be nearby within 6’.

Locate your customer shut off valve, not water meter. The water meter belongs to the District.

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