Did you know the majority of grinder pump issues are caused by things we may be  flushing down the toilet or pouring down the drain? Disposable wipes, grease and feminine hygiene products are the most common cause of grinder pump failure.

Why is this?

All disposable wipes, (including those marked as “flushable”), will not disintegrate like toilet paper. Toilet paper usually breaks apart within 24 hours of flushing, but the baby wipes, disinfectant wipes and even the flushable wipes will remain for an extensive period of time.

Grease and other dirt trapped in the pipes create a formation that clogs pipes and drains, which eventually causes a blockage to your sewer system. The more that goes down the drain, the bigger the clog and more extensive the damage.

The age of your home and grinder pump is also a factor. The older your home, the more fragile your plumbing system.

All of these reasons can cause thousands of dollars-worth of repairs and cleanup. Please help by not flushing these items down the toilets or pouring grease down the drains.