Personal emergency preparedness is comprised of anticipation, awareness, and planning. It is made up of monitoring of a possible disaster situation via television, electronic information, District communication, and State communication.

Personal emergency preparedness is comprised of each household obtaining the necessary items to survive the hardships that a disaster imposes on an individual and family.

Below is a list of the basic items necessary to be prepared for and survive an emergency:

  1. Sign up for Travis County MUD 10 Emergency Notifications
  2. Locate your shut off valve outside
  3. Place a marker near your shut off valve (so you can find it later, if chance of snow)
  4. Purchase bottled for drinking and fill up your bathtubs flushing toilets and hand washing dishes
  5. Gather pitchers or buckets to help carry water for flushing and/or hand washing dishes
  6. Purchase non‐perishable food (can opener to open cans)
  7. Purchase firewood for real wood fire places
  8. Wrap outdoor pipes; remove garden hoses from faucets
  9. Turn off irrigation systems
  10. Turn off auto pool filling systems
  11. Purchase a battery or crank operated radio
  12. Purchase flashlights and battery operated lighting
  13. Purchase batteries for flashlights and radios
  14. Charge your cell phones, back up battery packs for cell phones and car charger for cell phones
  15. Purchase a fire extinguisher
  16. Gas up all vehicles (always a gas shortage after a disaster)
  17. Consider a generator, fuel, plenty of outdoor power cords, surge protector and learn how to use the generator well before a disaster
  18. Purchase electric space heaters
  19. Warm clothing
  20. Blankets
  21. Toiletries
  22. First aid kit
  23. Keep emergency cash on hand

TC MUD 10 Personal Emergency Check List (printable version)